The Japanese Society for Geographical Sciences
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The Society holds regular major meetings twice a year. In the spring meeting papers and posters in various fields are presented, and in the autumn meeting a symposium on a specified topic is organized.
Smaller meetings are also held on particular subjects several times a year. 

The themes of symposiums recent years:
1999 The Seto Inland Sea as a "Region": Its Light and Shadow

2000 "Services" Can Revive the Area?

2001 Ecotourism: Problems of Compatibility between Regional Development and Nature Conservation

2002 Recapturing Mountains: Seeking for Mountain Village Systems for the 21st Century

2003 Geographical Skill

2004 Recent Development of Tectonic Geomorphology

2005 Diversity of Working Woman and Life Space

2006 New Trends in City Planning in Japan and Germany

2007 'Knowledge,Learning' and Geography

2008 The reconstruction of mass tourism destinations in Japan and Germany

2009 Thinking about various people-animal relationships from geographical viewpoints

2010 Sustainability: A current issue in geographical education

2011 Environmental Change and Human Society 

2012 Generation, Distribution and Use of Information in the Digital Age

2013 Office Locational Changes and Transformation of Urban Regional Structure: its Recent Trends, Future Aspects

2014 Globalizing Japanese Economy and Young Japanese Working Abroad

2015 Future Prospect of Provincial Areas in Japan: Seeking for the Next Society

2016 Considerations on Wise Use of Wetlands: Issues in Conservation and Utilization of Nature

2017 Spatial Structures of Contemporary India

2018 Systems Thinking in Geography Learning: A Current Issue in Education for Sustainable Development

The Japanese Society for Geographical Sciences